My mom is my inspiration

and my best friend. She taught me how to make healthy, homemade popcorn with clean ingredients—and more importantly, she taught me to follow what I believe in. I’m honored to donate a portion of our proceeds from each Live Love Pop® flavor to a different nonprofit organization.”

Lauren B. Mariel Ceo & Founder

Sharing our love for popcorn — and people.

Our Story

Just like kernels of popcorn waiting to be popped, each of us is filled with the potential to become part of something bigger.

At Live Love Pop®, our mission is to bring you the healthiest, tastiest gourmet popcorn in the world — while also making the world a little bit better than we found it. Today, you can find our uniquely flavored, all-natural popcorn on the shelves of your favorite stores, all across the country. But when Lauren B. Mariel first launched our company in 2013, she had just one person in mind: her mother.

As a young girl, Lauren’s fondest memories were in the kitchen with her mom, who taught her how to make homemade, healthy popcorn on the stovetop. By the time Lauren was in college, she was popping up creations so tasty, her family and friends began placing orders for gifts, parties and charity events. In the beginning, Live Love Pop was just a kernel of an idea—a way for mom and daughter to spend time together and show off their popcorn prowess. But when Lauren’s mom was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer in 2013, it all changed.

Pink Popcorn Image
Pink Popcorn Image

Mission Driven Munchies

Even popcorn can have a reason for being. Whether you’re noshing, nibbling, munching or crunching, we believe snacking should be four things: delicious, easy, good for you—and good for the world, too. That’s why at Live Love Pop®, we use only simple, lovable, and wholesome ingredients to create the best popcorn you’ve ever tasted: popcorn, oil, and seasoning. After all, the foods that come to us from nature are already perfect — so why mess with a good thing? Of course, Live Love Pop is not just a tasty, healthy snack. It’s a snack that gives back. Each of our eight flavors is linked to a charity that means something to all of us, from breast cancer research to hunger relief efforts, to veteran’s health programs. (Visit our Selfless Snacking Page to learn more.) With every bite you enjoy, you’ll be doing your part to help us make this beautiful world a better place, one kernel at a time. So, live well. Laugh often. And pop much.

Good for you. Good for the world. It's all good.

We want to make healthy snacking easier and more enjoyable for everyone — whether you’re at home, at work or on the go. But we understand that it can be hard to stick to your diet when you’re hungry NOW. That’s why we created the perfect healthy snack you can enjoy anywhere. Every bag of Live Love Pop® is low-calorie, non-GMO, gluten-free, free of preservatives, vegan (excluding Honey BBQ), whole grain, and most importantly, delicious. At Live Love Pop®, we believe you shouldn’t have to feel guilty after snacking — as long as you’re choosing foods with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Make us your official Munching Mentor. And make healthy snacking easier than ever.